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I used to get Nixle alerts from the City. Do I need to sign up for this?


  • You were previously signed up for notifications from the City through the Nixle system, or
  • You are located within the Albany urban growth boundary and had signed up for the Linn-Benton Alert system prior to June 30, 2021,


Your contact information has been automatically imported into this new system and you do not need to take further action.

I just signed up for Linn-Benton Alerts and I live inside the city limits. Do I have to sign up for AlbanyAlerts too?

You will want to sign up for AlbanyAlerts. That way you'll receive alerts for the city of Albany as well as alerts from the county and state if the emergency is in your area of town. If you choose not to, you may not receive alerts for emergencies inside city limits.

About AlbanyAlerts, part of the OR-Alert system

or alertWhy did the City change from Nixle to Everbridge?

This change was part of a statewide project called OR-Alert. Fully deployed, OR-Alert will provide statewide access to a modern and interoperable alerts, warnings and notifications (AWN) system, enabling real-time sharing of hazard information across Oregon's 36 Counties and Tribal governments and providing access to FEMA's Integrated Alerts and Warnings System (IPAWS). Learn more about OR-Alert

What are the benefits of the Everbridge system?

The City of Albany now has a more efficient system for pushing out alerts to our community including those previously signed up for Nixle and will save almost $6000 per year as a result of joining this statewide OR-Alert system.

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