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The City of Albany maintains Engineering Standards for the design of public facilities. All public improvement designs are required to conform to these standards. The Engineering Standards posted here reflect the most recent version of these documents.


It is the users responsibility to make sure all proposals, plans, and submittals conform to the most recent version at the time the work is submitted. The City of Albany assumes no responsibility for engineers and/or developers that submit plans based on an outdated version of these documents. A hard copy of these Engineering Standards can be purchased for $100. Holders of hard copy Engineering Standards will be required to purchase a new copy of standards each time they are updated.

Division DocumentRevised
A-General PDF October 2019
B-Water Distribution PDF October 2019
C-Wastewater Collection PDF October 2019
D-Street and Alley PDF October 2019
E-Stormwater Management PDF February 2024
F-Water Pump Stations Not available online;
contact the Public Works Department
at 541-917-7676 for more information.

G-Water Reservior
H-Wastewater Pump Stations
I-Traffic Impact Study Guidelines PDF October 2019
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