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What’s Leaking?

The color and location of the leak can help identify the issue. Coolant, power steering fluid, engine oil and transmission fluid leak from the front of your vehicle. Break fluid leak near the wheels while fuel leak from the rear.


Colorful, slimy drips at the front of your car could be coolant. Have a local repair shop check the coolant levels.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid leaks in a variety of colors and could impair the ability to steer your car. Check the fluid levels while your car is off.

Engine Oil

If you notice the smell of burning oil or dark brown stains under your engine you may have an oil leak. Check your oil levels when your engine is cool, if you notice you are low on oil often contact a mechanic.

Transmission Fluid

Reddish to brown leak from under your engine area could be a transmission leak.

Break Fluid

If you notice a brownish liquid near the wheels of your vehicle it could be from your break system.

Fuel (gasoline and diesel)

Fuel leaks are usually colorless until mixed with water. If you notice a rainbow color stain when the ground it wet, it could be a leak in your fuel system.

Finding the Right Repair Shop

  • Read reviews online.
  • Do you research first to have an estimate of what the repairs should cost.
  • Get a second opinion if needed.
  • Ask if the shop guarantees their work.
  • Find an EcoBiz autoshop.
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