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The city of Albany has a deep, historical connection to the Willamette and Calapooia Rivers. The confluence was significant to the native Kalapuya peoples and to early European settlers who eventually built the city at this unique hub of rivers, roads, and railroads. 

For generations the river has been separated from downtown Albany by parking lots, Water Avenue, railroad tracks, and missing sidewalks and crossing options, largely hidden by thick foliage and poor water access.

Through the Central Albany Revitalization Area, the City made strategic investments to reestablish downtown Albany’s connection with its rivers, preserving waterfront properties for public use, and planning improvements to Water Avenue and the waterfront parks.

During the design process in 2021 four open houses were held in-person and virtually. The final design was approved in 2022. Final review, approval, and permitting was then completed with the first phase of construction beginning in 2023.

The revitalized waterfront includes improved street crossings, water access, and park facilities can allow more members of our community to more easily access and enjoy three areas of Albany’s waterfront:

Water Avenue

Water Avenue and the railroad tracks were a barrier to accessing the park and river. Improvements include new street trees, planting areas, sidewalks, improved pedestrian crossings and railroad crossings, relocated overhead utilities, and design features that allow some portions of Water Avenue to be closed to cars for street festivals and markets.

Monteith Riverpark

This project improves public safety by adding park lighting and greater visibility. Other new or improved features include a safe playground, splashpad, modern stage with accessible seating areas and enhancements to accomodate performers' logisitical needs.

Dave Clark Trail

This project preserves and restores the natural areas along the water’s edge. It improves views and safety while also preserving the trail's unique character and enhancing habitat.

Final design plan

You can zoom in and out on the plan below.




Economic Development


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