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Trespass Letter of Consent

A Trespass Letter of Consent is a document that allows a police officer to immediately act on your behalf, and take enforcement action against a person trespassing on your private property without first contacting you.

Police officers do not normally have the authority to go onto private property, which is not open to the public, and remove individuals or direct them to leave without the consent or authority of the person legally responsible for the property.

A Trespass Letter of Consent can be entered for a:

For an entire business property

For a specific individual

Graffiti Removal

People create graffiti for a variety of reasons. Graffiti can be a random act of vandalism or deliberate communication between gang members. Regardless of the reason, it is important to remove graffiti as soon as it appears. Graffiti that is allowed to remain on any surface attracts more graffiti, causing the area to appear run down.

The purpose of the Graffiti Removal program is to assist and educate businesses or property owners about the removal of graffiti in a timely manner. Participating organizations encourage citizens to report the presence of graffiti and expedite its removal.

If you are a victim of graffiti in the Albany area, please call the Albany Police Department 541-917-7680.

Educational programs from APD

For additional information about these programs, contact:

Crime Prevention Specialist Laura Hawkins
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Burglary Prevention

A burglary is when someone breaks into your building and usually steals something from inside, but they do not use a threat or force against a person while doing so. In most cases, the burglar is never seen.

Burglary is not the same as robbery.

Robbery Prevention

A robbery is when the criminal uses force or a threat against a person during the commission of the crime. The prevention/safety tips for these two types of crimes are different.  The Community Education Specialist can assist you with a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design survey.

Rental Property Program

This program is for rental property owners and managers. This program was developed to assist owners/managers of rental properties with problem tenants, aid in making managers more aware of activity on or around their properties, reduce police calls for service to certain locations and build a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the rental community.


APD has created a helpful shoplifting manual to assist businesses with information about shoplifting enforcement and prevention.

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The Albany Police Department employs 66 sworn officers and 35 civilian staff who carry on a rich tradition of professional public safety service.

Community partnerships are integral to our success in maintaining the public safety in Albany. In order to accomplish our mission of "Excellence Through Service," we encourage community involvement and input. By working together, we will continue to create and maintain the quality of life we expect for all who live in and visit Albany, Oregon.

Albany Police Department

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 541-917-7680 Non-emergency

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