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SASSI, a group of volunteers and local law enforcement agencies, help independent seniors maintain safe and secure homes by offering low- or no-cost home security and fire safety inspections and education to Albany residents 55 years of age and older.  

Free or low-cost services provided:

  • Home security inspections.
  • Security hardware installation.
  • Visible address numbers.
  • Engraving valuables.
  • Personal safety education.
  • Identifying potential accident hazards.
  • Fire safety inspections.
  • Fire escape plans.
  • Smoke alarm inspection, installation, and maintenance.
  • Resource information and referrals

Don't be a victim. Take action to protect yourself and your home today:

  • Discourage burglars – make entry to your home difficult by having adequate door and window locks (1" dead bolt locks are a must), leave exterior lights on at night when you're home, inside lights when you're not, and consider having a dog (even a small dog can act as a deterrent).
  • Know your neighbors! Be aware of each other's living habits and who comes and goes from the houses in your neighborhood. Report strangers who appear to be out of the ordinary to police.
  • Fatal residential fires are often caused by: combustibles placed too close to a heat source, unattended heat sources, careless smoking, and mechanical failure or malfunction.

For more information, or to schedule a free home safety inspection, please call 541-917-7680.

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The Albany Police Department employs 66 sworn officers and 35 civilian staff who carry on a rich tradition of professional public safety service.

Community partnerships are integral to our success in maintaining the public safety in Albany. In order to accomplish our mission of "Excellence Through Service," we encourage community involvement and input. By working together, we will continue to create and maintain the quality of life we expect for all who live in and visit Albany, Oregon.

Albany Police Department

 Contact us

 911 Emergency

 541-917-7680 Non-emergency

 2600 Pacific Boulevard SW
Albany, Oregon 97321

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