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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, RFQs, RFQus, and RFIs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

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ST-23-01, Washington Street Area ImprovementsInvitation to Bid4/22/20245/8/2024
WWTP-24-03, 34th Avenue Lift Station ImprovementsInvitation to Bid4/22/20245/8/2024
ST-24-01, Queen Avenue: Highway 99E to Marion StreetInvitation to Bid4/22/20245/7/2024
Insurance Agent of RecordRequest for Proposals (RFP)3/27/20244/25/2024
Unarmed Security Guard Services Request for Proposals (RFP)3/18/20244/16/2024
WL-24-02, Skyline Drive Water LineInvitation to Bid3/25/20244/9/2024
SS-25-01, Cox Creek Interceptor, Phase 3Invitation to Bid3/11/20244/9/2024
Banking, Merchant and Procurement Card ServicesRequest for Proposals (RFP)2/26/20244/4/2024
ST-24-04, 2024 Slurry Seal ProjectInvitation to Bid3/18/20244/3/2024
ST-23-03, Fourteenth Avenue, Clay Street, and Geary Street Grind and InlayInvitation to Bid3/18/20244/2/2024
Albany Community Pool Plaster ReplacementInvitation to Bid2/5/20242/20/2024
COOL Pool Plaster ReplacementInvitation to Bid2/5/20242/20/2024
City Hall Lighting Replacement Invitation to Bid1/8/20242/14/2024
Linn County HazMat Release Functional ExerciseRequest for Proposals (RFP)1/15/20242/13/2024
Regional HazMat Full-scale Rail Release ExerciseRequest for Proposals (RFP)1/15/20242/13/2024
Sound Reinforcement ServicesRequest for Proposals (RFP)1/8/20242/7/2024
Portable Toilet Year-Round Maintenance Services RFQRequest for Quotes (RFQ)1/22/20242/6/2024
Timber Linn Soccer Fields Improvements Phase 3 Invitation to Bid1/22/20242/6/2024
Banking Services and Procurement Card ServicesRequest for Information (RFI)1/23/20242/2/2024
ST-20-03, ARTS Traffic Signal Enhancement ProjectInvitation to Bid1/8/20241/30/2024
MS-23-02, Monteith Park Restroom RemodelInvitation to Bid12/18/20231/23/2024
WWTP-24-01-CC, North Albany Lift Station ImprovementsRequest for Proposals (RFP)10/30/202312/12/2023
City Property Mowing Services ITBInvitation to Bid10/30/202311/28/2023
Water Treatment Facility Wetwell and Sedimentation Basin Cleanout Invitation to BidInvitation to Bid9/11/202310/10/2023
Marketing and Tourism Promotion Services RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)6/23/20238/29/2023
Filter: FY 2023-2024 FY 2022-2023 FY 2021-2022 FY 2020-2021 FY 2019-2020


Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID)


Plan Centers

These plan centers are used by the City of Albany for construction projects.

Finance Purchasing



 333 Broadalbin SW (1st floor)

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