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The City of Albany frequently requests bids, RFPs, RFQs, RFQus, and RFIs for a variety of services and projects. The City invites qualified individuals or organizations to respond to these requests by submitting the required materials in accordance with the posted advertisement.

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PK-2300514, Meadow Ridge ParkInvitation to Bid5/15/20236/14/2023
SS-23-01-A 2023 Pipe Bursting ProjectsInvitation to Bid5/8/20235/24/2023
Police Vehicle WashesRequest for Quotes (RFQ)5/4/20235/18/2023
Integrator of RecordRequest for Proposals (RFP)4/10/20235/9/2023
Laboratory Analytical Services-City Industrial Compliance RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)4/3/20235/2/2023
Leased Copier Replacement RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)3/15/20234/11/2023
Root Treatment ServicesInvitation to Bid3/6/20234/4/2023
SS-23-02, 2023 Cured in Place Pipe ProjectInvitation to Bid3/13/20233/28/2023
ST-20-03, ARTS Traffic Signal Enhancement ProjectInvitation to Bid3/13/20233/28/2023
Force Main Pigging Services ITBInvitation to Bid2/15/20233/9/2023
ST-23-02, Asphalt Surface Treatment ProgramInvitation to Bid2/13/20233/1/2023
Vehicle & Equipment Towing Services RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)1/30/20233/1/2023
WTP-22-01 AM-WTP Raw Water Pump Station GeneratorInvitation to Bid1/18/20232/21/2023
Emergency Response Plan Update and Tabletop ExerciseRequest for Proposals (RFP)1/16/20232/14/2023
Timber Linn Soccer Fields Improvements Phase 3 Invitation to Bid1/22/20242/7/2023
ST-22-01 Queen Avenue Rehabilitation - City Limits to Pacific BlvdInvitation to Bid1/9/20231/31/2023
Upgrading Storage Area NetworkRequest for Proposals (RFP)12/12/20221/24/2023
Dewatering Chemicals ITBInvitation to Bid12/19/20221/10/2023
Water and Wastewater Treatment ChemicalsInvitation to Bid10/24/202211/15/2022
Demolition of Building - 300 West First StreetInvitation to Bid10/17/202211/15/2022
Engineering Consultant Services - Albany Municipal AirportRequest for Proposals (RFP)10/17/202211/8/2022
Laundry Services at APDRequest for Proposals (RFP)10/10/202211/8/2022
Vehicle Towing Services at APD RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)9/12/202210/18/2022
Mail Delivery and Courier ServicesRequest for Proposals (RFP)8/31/202210/4/2022
MS-21-01, Albany Train Station RestroomInvitation to Bid8/1/202210/4/2022
WTP-22-02, Albany-Millersburg Water Treatment Plant Seismic ValveInvitation to Bid9/12/20229/28/2022
APD Laundry Services RFQRequest for Proposals (RFP)9/12/20229/27/2022
ST-22-11 Transit Stop Improvements Phase 1Invitation to Bid9/12/20229/27/2022
Utility Billing Management Software RFPRequest for Proposals (RFP)6/20/20227/20/2022
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Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID)


Plan Centers

These plan centers are used by the City of Albany for construction projects.

Finance Purchasing



 333 Broadalbin SW (1st floor)

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