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Taxis and nonemergency medical transport vehicles

As of January 1, 2018, the City of Albany no longer requires licenses for taxi cabs or nonemergency medical transport vehicles.

The City of Albany does not issue or require a general business license, but does require special licensing for the following:

Temporary or transient merchants

Albany Municipal Code 5.10

You will need a temporary merchant license if:

  • You will conduct business on a parking lot, vacant lot, or the street or in an alley, a vehicle, or tent.
  • If you plan to conduct your for-profit business for no more than 30 days in a calendar year, you must apply for a license and pay a license fee. The application must include the dated signature of the owner of the property where you plan to conduct that business.
  • If you will operate your for-profit business for more than 30 days but less than 120 days in a calendar year, you must contact the City Community Development Department (second floor of City Hall) for site plan review under the Albany Development Code and staff recommendation. You must pay a license fee plus any applicable planning fees.

Transient Merchant License (fillable pdf)

Please note: If you plan to operate your business for more than 120 days, your business is subject to all of the Development Code requirements for permanent businesses. Please contact the Community Development Department for information.

Solicitors and peddlers

Albany Municipal Code 5.05

You need a solicitor or peddler license if you are offering goods or services for sale by traveling door to door in Albany residential areas.

You do not need a license if:

  • You are selling newspaper subscriptions.
  • You are selling farm or orchard produce that you have grown yourself.
  • You are selling on behalf of a school or other nonprofit corporation or organization.
  • You are calling on businesses to sell goods or services that are regularly used by those businesses.
  • You are delivering goods or services that the resident has ordered from a local business.

Solicitors and peddlers must apply for a City license and pay a fee. Schools or other federally tax-exempt nonprofits do not need to pay the fee but must fill out the application and obtain a license.

Solicitor license (pdf)

Applications are also available and are processed at the Albany Police Department, 2600 Pacific Boulevard SW.

Are you are in a profession regulated by the state of Oregon?

Please contact the Oregon Secretary of State's Office, Corporation Division at or (503) 986-2200.

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