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Water carrying pollution such as oil, pet waste, or paint enters the storm system which can harm the rivers and lakes we rely on for recreation, ecological value and our water system.

It is against Albany Municipal Code to dump or discharge waste into a storm system (catch basins, ditches, streams, and ponds). If you see someone using the storm system for disposal, report it!

Online reporting form or call 541-917-7600.

Indicators of Pollution

report corroded pipes

Corroded or stained pipes

report foamy

Suds or foamy water

report oil sheen

Oil sheen

report water color

Unusual water color

report yard debris

Dumped debris

report grout

Debris or dirt in road


  • dumping yard debris
  • dumping liquids into storm drains chlorinated swimming pool/hot tub draining
  • carpet cleaning
  • sanitary sewer overflows
  • washing down of loading areas
  • concrete cutting and washout
  • industrial wastewater
  • commercial carwash wastewater


  • residential car washing (using cold water and no soap)
  • landscape irrigation
  • uncontaminated water line flushing
  • lawn watering
  • water flowing from riparian habitats and wetlands
  • dechlorinated swimming pool water
  • foundation, footing and crawlspace drains (where flows are not contaminated [i.e., process materials or other pollutant])
  • fire hydrant flushing
  • street and pavement washwaters (provided that chemicals, soaps, detergents, steam or heated water are not used)
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