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As a former Dumbeck Lane Domestic Water Service District (Dumbeck) customer, you should have received a door hanger outlining the recent agreement between Dumbeck, the North Albany County Service District (NACSD), and the City of Albany to add Dumbeck customers to the NACSD. We are working now to make this change as easy as possible for you as new customers of the City of Albany.

You do not need to take any further action to maintain continuous water service during this transition.

Changes to your bill

Your new bills will come directly from the City of Albany

City bills for NACSD customers will look different than your previous bill from Dumbeck. 

A helpful example of how to read your City of Albany bill is available by clicking here.

An example of a current NACSD customer bill is included here:

nacsd ub billClick to enlarge

NACSD adopts the same water rates that apply to customers within City limits

The City's rate structure includes a base rate and a consumption rate. As of September 2021, those rates are:

Dumbeck billCity of Albany NACSD bill
Base rate of $20.00 per month  Base charge includes a base rate of $20.64 (for a ¾" meter) and a capital charge of $27.14.

Usage rate:

  • $7.54 per 1,000 gallons 

Consumption rate:

  • $4.60 per 100 cubic feet (< 600 cubic feet)
  • $2.92 per 100 cubic feet (> 600 cubic feet) 

Dumbeck Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund (SDWRF) Loan debt service charges

Some Dumbeck customers are still paying a $19 per month debt service charge for the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund (SDWRF) Loan. Benton County is assuming this loan debt from Dumbeck. The City of Albany will collect this payment from customers monthly on their bill and then transfer those funds to Benton County. 

If you were still paying this as a Dumbeck customer, it will appear on your new City bill as well. Once the loan is fully paid, the debt service charge to former Dumbeck customers will end.

The Dumbeck "infrastructure" charge

The City of Albany only charges customers with working, in-service water meters. Those Dumbeck customers who were paying a monthly fee for their service line without a meter will not receive a similar charge from Albany.

If you have an inactive service line and wish to install a meter on it in the future, you will need to contact the Albany Public Works Department to arrange for the meter installation and begin receiving water. At that time, you will be charged according to the NACSD rate structure as described above.

Low-Income Assistance Program fee

Every single-family residential City of Albany water customer pays a $0.35 per month fee to fully fund the Low-Income Assistance Program. This program helps qualified individuals and families facing financial difficulties pay their City utility bill.

Each year the program provides assistance to around 250 households. For more information on the low-income assistance program, click here.


Water rates are reviewed by Albany City Council every spring. Any changes become effective on the first of the following year. Current water rate resolutions can be found on the Utility Billing page. The NACSD rate resolution will be available online by October 1, 2021. 

How did we get here?

During 2021, the Dumbeck board began negotiations with the City of Albany and Benton County to add Dumbeck customers into the NACSD. The service district was created in 1990 to provide water service to customers outside the Urban Growth Boundary of the City of Albany in rural Benton County. These services have been provided pursuant to a 1990 agreement between the City and the NACSD.

Questions about billing

If you have any questions, or would like information on e-bills and direct debit payment options, please contact City of Albany Utility Billing at 541-917-7547 or visit their webpage. 

Utility Billing

Problems with your water service

Contact Public Works – Operations to report issues with your water service: 541-917-7600.


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