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Albany’s Low-Income Assistance Program is dedicated to helping qualified individuals and families facing financial difficulties in paying their City utility bills. This program provided assistance to around 250 households last year.

How do I qualify?

In 2021, City Council expanded this program to include all qualifying low-income residential customers. You qualify if your household’s annual gross income is 60% or less of the state median income by household size using the table below.


Gross (before taxes) Income*
1 $33,426.96 $2,605.50
2 $43,712.04 $3,642.67
3 $53,997.00 $4,499.75
4 $64,281.96 $5,356.83
5 $74,567.04 $6,213.92
6 $84,852.00 $7,071.00
7 $86,781.00 $7,231.75
8 $88,709.04 $7,392.42
Each additional family member...
  $1,929.00 $160.75

Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

How does it work?

If you qualify, you can receive a credit for part of your water use (up to four units) on each monthly bill and 50% of your city services fee. Credits do not carry over from month to month. You will still be responsible for paying all other charges on your bill. 

How do I apply?

Applications are accepted starting October 1 for assistance beginning January 1 for the following year. You must reapply each year.

To apply, call the Community Services Consortium (CSC) at 541-926-7163. 

If you have questions about the program, call 541-704-7632.

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How is the program funded?

Every single-family residential water customer pays a fee to fully fund this program exclusively for low-income assistance. 

Low-Income Assistance Program City Council Resolution

This is not the same program as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).


The City of Albany manages the water, sewer, and stormwater utilities in the City of Albany. Rates are set through resolution by the Albany City Council. Low-income assistance is available to all qualifying low-income residential customers.

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