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About SLRP

What is the Sewer Lateral Replacement Program (SLRP)?

In 1999, the Albany City Council approved an ordinance that allows a one-time replacement for qualifying sewer service laterals on private property. The primary purpose for the approval of this program is to reduce the amount of groundwater entering the sanitary sewer system. The infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system increases the costs of pumping and treating wastewater, reduces system capacity, and can lead to sewer overflows.

SLRP Application

SLRP Application (pdf)

Return completed form to:

City of Albany
Public Works, Engineering (City Hall, 2nd Floor)
333 Broadalbin St SW
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is a sewer lateral?

A sewer lateral is the segment of sewer drain line that extends from just outside your house foundation to the connection with the City’s public sewer mainline. Leaking or broken sewer laterals that allow groundwater, roots, and dirt into the system are typical problems for cities with older sewer systems. It's important to keep your lateral in proper working order, and functioning as it was intended.

As private laterals age they can develop leaks, become clogged by fats, oils and grease, and become clogged by roots. This can lead to sewer overflows that threaten public health and the environment. Defective sewer laterals affect us all.

What if my roof downspouts are connected to my sewer lateral?

Older houses often had roof downspouts connected to the sewer system. During wet weather, groundwater enters through cracks in the pipe, allowing large amounts of stormwater to enter the public sewer system. This extra water can collectively lead to sewer overflows and overload of wastewater treatment process. Today, downspouts are connected to the stormwater system. If your lateral qualifies for replacement, any rain drain downspouts that are currently draining to the sewer lateral will be disconnected. 

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