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The majority of the streetlights within the city are owned and maintained by Pacific Power & Light with a small number owned and maintained by Consumers Power, Inc.. Each street light should have a tag with a unique serial number.

Pacific Power

Yellow tags labeled "Pacificorp" with short serial numbers:

streetlight pp

Report issues directly
to Pacific Power:

Report a street light
or call 888-221-7070

Consumers Power

Tags begin with "A" followed by a long serial number:

streetlight cp

Report issues directly
to Consumers Power:


Can't find a tag?

If you see a streetlight that is burned out or cycling on and off and cannot determine which power company to call, contact Public Works Operations:

Call 541-917-7600
Contact Public Works

Staff will contact the appropriate party to relay your repair request. Please be aware, it can take some time for the repairs to happen, depending on how busy the power companies' crews are.

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