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Albany residents pay a portion of their property taxes to the City. A portion of that revenue goes toward Parks & Recreation services. For regular users who live outside the city limits and regularly enjoy Albany Parks & Recreation classes, trips, and aquatics programs, this card can be a substantial savings over non-resident pricing (generally 33% higher than those of Albany taxpayers).


  • $40 for individuals
  • $80 for families of 4
  • It is active for a 12-month period from date of purchase.

Purchase in-person with cash, credit card, or check at:

Parks & Recreation
333 Broadalbin St SW, 1st floor

Riverfront Community Center
489 Water Ave NW

Purchase by phone with a credit card: 

Call 541-917-7777


We promote healthy living through recreational experiences and serve as stewards of Albany's public parks and facilities.

Albany Parks & Recreation

 Contact us


 333 Broadalbin SW (1st floor)


 3650 Dogwood Ave SE
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