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Albany’s 2021 Parks Master Plan provides critical direction for enhancing the City system of parks, recreation facilities, trails, and open space. Underway when the 2020 pandemic and affiliated recession hit, the plan evolved to directly respond to City opportunities and challenges.

  • A $5 million backlog of deferred maintenance and capital projects.
  • The temporary cancellation of programs/events and facility closures to respond to COVID-19 health restrictions.
  • A recent round of budget cuts, a shortage of operations funding, and competing funding needs.
  • 35.5 acres of undeveloped park land to build, plus 880+ acres to maintain.
  • A growing population and employment base increasing the demand for parks, facilities, programs, and trails over the next 10 years.

Informed by community input and priorities, this Parks Master Plan provides a realistic assessment of the park system, identifies future trends and needs, and defines a 5- and 10-year action plan to invest in the City’s highest priority projects.

Developed concurrently with a revised Systems Development Charge (SDC) Methodology, the Parks Master Plan provides a framework to guide the City in setting priorities and making decisions about the provisions of parks, trails, open space, natural areas, recreation facilities, and programs.

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