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Open Finance
Updated weekly*

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Open Finance is part of our commitment to improving transparency by providing a guided view through complex financial information. This site provides a transparent look at the types of revenue we collect and how we allocate those public funds. The charts, graphs, and tables included are all highly interactive and we invite you to explore.

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*Note: The site is updated at the beginning of every week and the amounts for the current fiscal year (July 1-June 30) are as of the previous week ending. Budgets are reported on the biennium. Prior to 2019, budgets were reported annually. These prior year biennia are simulated by combining two years at a time.

Where Do Your Property Taxes Go?
Updated annually

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This calculator shows what portion of your property tax bill goes to the City of Albany. The amount that is collected goes to general fund. Only Police, Fire, Municipal Court, Parks & Recreation, and Library services are paid for out of the general fund.

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Elected & Administrative Officials

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