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Project Overview

The Albany City Council adopted the Housing Implementation Plan (HIP) in June of 2023.  The HIP evaluated policies and strategies that the City can employ to address Albany’s current and future housing needs, as identified in the City’s 2020 Housing Needs Analysis (HNA). The HIP built upon community conversations and support around the Expanding Housing Options project that updated the City’s development code and comprehensive plan to allow middle housing types where single dwelling units were allowed. 

The HIP outlines priority implementation steps the City can take to encourage the production of needed housing. Further, it provided the foundation for updating the housing element of the Albany Comprehensive Plan.

The project goals and objectives were to:

icon identify

Identify and assess policies and strategies to increase housing options and opportunities that meet the needs of Albany residents as projected in the 2020 HNA and raised by the public, and to evaluate incentives in House Bill 2001 to increase the affordability of middle housing.

icon evaluate

Evaluate housing resources and constraints, including evaluation of existing strategies and recommendations for new actions to increase housing supply or provide regulatory streamlining.

icon engage

Engage a broad spectrum of the community in conversations and input around housing needs and strategies using a variety of engagement strategies.

icon enact

Adopt policies and tools that promote fair and equitable housing choices for all residents, especially residents of protected classes and those experiencing housing insecurity.

Key elements of the project included identifying an initial “menu” of potential housing strategies; analyzing current data and trends related to housing needs and the local housing market; evaluating potential strategies based on their impact on the development of needed housing; prioritizing the most effective or viable strategies for achieving housing goals, with input from community members and stakeholders; identifying necessary implementation steps; and drafting a final Housing Implementation Plan and amendments to the Albany Comprehensive Plan. 

Project Schedule

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The project was scheduled to be completed by April 2023. This project was funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). A consulting team that included Angelo Planning Group | MIG (APG/MIG) and Johnson Economics assisted the City with this effort.

The Community Development Department guides growth and development within Albany by balancing the needs of current residents with those of future generations to ensure that the community remains a vibrant and desirable place to live, work, and play.

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