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DepartmentPolicyCurrent PolicyAdopted
Community Development (Planning and Building)Building Division FeesResolution 7224June 14, 2023
Community Development (Planning and Building)Development Code FeesResolution 6813June 12, 2019
Community Development (Planning and Building)Planning Division FeesResolution 7223June 14, 2023
FinanceCity Services FeeResolution 7015June 23, 2021
FinanceLiquor License FeesResolution 2456April 11, 1984
FinanceLow-Income Assistance ProgramResolution 7016June 23, 2021
FinancePublic Records Request FeesResolution 6387July 14, 2021
FinanceRefuse RatesResolution 7158November 9, 2022
FinanceSegregation of LiensResolution 2094July 25, 1979
FireAmbulance Service FeesResolution 6792May 8, 2019
FireFire and Life Safety Service FeesResolution 7233June 14, 2023
FireFireMed Membership FeesResolution 6858February 26, 2020
LibraryLibrary Fines and FeesResolution 6952December 16, 2020
LibraryLibrary Fines and FeesResolution RES7096April 13, 2022
Parks & RecreationParks & Recreation Fees and ChargesResolution 7186March 8, 2023
Parks & RecreationParks & Recreation System Development Charges (SDCs)Resolution 7291January 10, 2024
Parks & RecreationSpecial Event Permit FeesResolution RES7310March 27, 2024
PoliceBurglary and Robbery Alarm Permit and False Alarm FeesResolution 6824August 14, 2019
PoliceDerelict Structure FeesResolution 6563January 11, 2017
PoliceMotor Vehicle Parking FeesResolution 6681March 28, 2018
PolicePolice Department Public Records Request FeesResolution 6825August 14, 2019
PolicePrivate Property Impound Towing RatesResolution 7295January 24, 2024
Public WorksAlbany Municipal Airport FeesResolution 7047September 22, 2021
Public WorksAlbany Transit, Linn-Benton Loop, and Albany Call-A-Ride FaresResolution 6121May 9, 2012
Public WorksErosion Prevention and Sediment Control Permit FeesResolution 5881January 27, 2010
Public WorksLow-Income Assistance ProgramResolution 6543October 12, 2016
Public WorksNorth Albany Street Improvement Assurance ChargesResolution 6707June 13, 2018
Public WorksPost-Construction Stormwater Quality Program Permit FeesResolution 7228June 14, 2023
Public WorksPrivate Construction of Public ImprovementsResolution 3446December 14, 1994
Public WorksSewer Connection ChargesResolution 7230June 14, 2023
Public WorksSewer RatesResolution 7322May 22, 2024
Public WorksSewer System Development Charges (SDCs)Resolution 7226June 14, 2023
Public WorksSpecial Connection Charges for the Columbus Street Lift Station Area - Repealed - Resolution 6708June 13, 2018
Public WorksStorm Connection ChargesResolution 7232June 14, 2023
Public WorksStorm Drainage System Development Charges (SDCs)Resolution 7276November 8, 2023
Public WorksStormwater RatesResolution 7324May 22, 2024
Public WorksStreet Connection ChargesResolution 7229June 14, 2023
Public WorksTransportation System Development Charges (SDCs)Resolution 7227June 14, 2023
Public WorksWater Connection ChargesResolution 7231June 14, 2023
Public WorksWater RatesResolution 7323May 22, 2024
Public WorksWater RatesResolution 7041September 8, 2021
Public WorksWater System Development Charges (SDCs)Resolution 7225June 14, 2023
For copies of policy documents listed on this page which are not available online, please submit a Public Records Request form to the City Clerk.

About City Council

The City Council is the legislative branch of our local government. It is composed of a mayor and six councilors with two councilors elected from each ward. The councilors serve for a term of four years, and the mayor serves for a term of two years. The Council adopts laws called ordinances, passes resolutions, sets policies, adopts the budget, levies taxes, and conducts public meetings.

The current Albany City Charter became effective on January 1, 1957. By Charter, the City of Albany adopted a council-manager form of government. The Charter provides that the City Manager is the administrative head of the City, and the manager serves at the pleasure of the Council.

Council Member Manual

The manual includes protocols that were developed at an Albany City Council training session held on January 19, 2018, and endorsed by council on February 26, 2018. They are intended to set expectations for members of the Albany City Council and provide a model to guide the conduct and working relationships of Council Members.

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