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City directories were once published yearly and contained a lot more information than what was in period telephone books. Now they can be a valuable source to learn who previously lived in your home and how those earlier homeowners earned their livings. Names, addresses, some telephone numbers, and other information about the city are available in each directory. The oldest directory dates from 1878.

About this project

All 40 directories currently in the combined collections of the Albany Regional Museum and the Albany Public Library have been scanned and are available below.

The directories were digitized for $2,500 using an Oregon Heritage All Star Community 2016 Grant.

About the files

The directories have been scanned using optical character recognition, which allows viewers to search entire directories for specific words and phrases.

Use the "Find..." tool in your PDF program to search for words and phrases. In the future we hope to incorporate these files into our regular site search.

Gap years (1912-36, 1942-1946)

No directories are found in either collection for the years 1912-36 or 1942-46. If you have an Albany directory from those gap years, please consider donating them to the Albany Regional Museum.

Other ways to browse the directories

The directories can also be accessed at the Carnegie Library, 302 Ferry Street SW, or the Albany Regional Museum, 136 Lyon Street S.

City Directory files

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