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What is a Fire Code permit?

  • City of Albany authorization to conduct certain operations or to store and/or handle hazardous materials.
  • A tool for communicating important information to responding firefighters.
  • Your opportunity to become compliant with fire safety requirements.

Permit fees

Fire Code permit fees

To obtain a permit:

  1. Make application with the Office of the State Fire Marshal or DEQ if required.
  2. Make application with the City of Albany Fire Department.
  3. Provide required activity/hazard information.
  4. Pay appropriate City of Albany Fire Code permit fee.
    (Please allow five (5) business days for processing) 
  5. Comply with all Fire Code requirements.
  6. Schedule/receive compliance fire inspection(s).
  7. Submit documentation for tank decommissioning.

What requires a Fire Code permit in Albany?

Fire Code permits issued in the City of Albany are a one-time occurrence for:

afd permit fireworks

Fireworks Storage, Sales, & Displays (Shoots)

afd permit tents

Temporary Membrane Structure/Tent

per Oregon Fire Code (OFC) 105.6.47 and OFC Chapter 31

afd permit tanks

Fixed Hazardous Materials Storage Tank (Commercial & Residential)


Heating oil tank: 

  • Copy of Site Map 
  • Payment of Albany Fire Code Permit Fee 

Underground Storage Tank (UST): 

  • Copy of DEQ 30-day Notice Letter 
  • DEQ UST Decommissioning Checklist and Site Assessment Report 

Above-ground Storage Tank (AST): 

New installation/relocation:

Up to 1,000 Gallons: 

  • Site Plan showing location of: 
    • Buildings/Structures
    • Shut-off switches
    • Tanks (include capacity)
    • Diking
    • Fire access roads
    • Fire hydrants
    • Distances to buildings & property line
  • Design Plan showing location of: 
    • Piping, valves, fittings
    • Signage
    • Design & Construction
    • Dispensers
  • Copies of equipment data sheets 

Over 1,000 Gallons: 

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